Pre-purchase your token before public listing!


$0,005 per token
$ 10
  • LOTE 1


$0,005 per token
$ 50
  • LOTE 1


$0,005 per token
$ 100
  • LOTE 1

This pre-sale offers a unique opportunity for investors and enthusiasts to get involved from the outset with a currency that is redefining the possibilities of the crypto market.

During the pre-sale, participants will have access to a limited supply of Kyrv Tokens at a special price. By purchasing Kyrv Tokens in advance, investors secure their initial stake in a currency that is destined to become a disruptive force in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, 40% of the funds raised during the pre-sale will be allocated to liquidity injection, ensuring that Kyrv Token has a solid foundation from its inception. This will provide stability and accessibility to the currency, creating an environment conducive to swift and efficient transactions.

There are 15,840,000 tokens reserved for pre-sale, in 3 batches of 5,280,000 tokens.

The pre-sale takes place until 11/04/2024, if the lots close before this period, the public listing and the injection of liquidity into the Kyrv Token will be carried out 7 days after the pre-sale closes. All fees on sales and withdrawals from sellers on the site will be accumulated until the end of the pre-sale, to be used as a liquidity injection along with the 40% pre-sale reserve.

How it's work

1º Step

You choose your package of tokens and click to buy on buy button.

2º Step

Now you fill your information and your crypto wallet address.

3º Step

Choose your preferred currency to purchase and complete your purchase! Your tokens will be delivered to your crypto wallet.

40% of the entire presale amount will be injected as liquidity into the public listing along with KYRV's accumulated investment and fees during the presale.

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